Little Discoveries Preschool facilitates learning by providing an environment rich in educational experiences and opportunities for exploration. We believe that given a safe and supportive environment, children will express their curiosity in many ways, resulting in great pleasure from the feelings of competence that occur during the learning process.

We offer developmentally appropriate, interactive experiences that respect each child's unique style. Our dedicated teachers provide personalized attention and encourage each child to gain a better understanding of the world around them.


We believe in forming a partnership with each child's first teacher, the family. We have an open door policy and encourage you to visit or participate in your child's classroom experiences any time. We believe you will find Little Discoveries to be a warm, friendly and happy place. We hope Little Discoveries will be a positive experience for your child as well as for you, the family!​

Mission Statement

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Little Discoveries Preschool

Every child is unique and we believe that success and growth come from encouragement and appropriate guidance. Our teachers mission is to help build every child’s self esteem and confidence through positive feedback and scaffolding. We nurture their natural strengths and help inspire their weaknesses. A child see’s the world around them with wonder and awe, and we believe in encouraging their natural curiosity.