Here at Little Discoveries, we understand that making the decision to enroll your children into preschool can be one of the hardest and most heart wrenching decisions you as a parent may have to face in the early years of raising your children. This is why we are happy to provide parents with an extra sense of comfort in knowing that they can follow their child's day through our secure and safe webcams!


We make it possible for parents to remain connected to their children, wherever their day takes them. Each and every parent or relative who wishes to view the daily activities through the webcams is required to create a personal login through the ShareInMyDay webpage. Once an account has been created, you will only be granted access to view cameras once the director of your child's school has confirmed with the company you are in fact one of our fantastic parents.

We always suggest you create your ShareInMyDay portal prior to your child's first day because the acceptance process may take 3-5 days. Once approved you can begin viewing your child in their daily activities here at school!

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