Infancy is a wondrous time, unmatched by any other point in a child's life. This is when their little brains are developing at a faster rate than any other time in their lives, which is why we pride ourselves in providing nurturing and loving caretakers who connect with each and every child in order to nurture every developmental stage. We work as a partner with you, the family, to make the school environment as much like your home environment as possible. We provide all meals, including milk based formula and jarred baby foods for younger infants, although are more than happy to store breast milk or food prepared at home if you wish.

What is a "Toddler Program"?

We are proud to offer a toddler component currently at two of our locations; Oak Street & Creative Lane. This component allows for children to move into a classroom with a ratio of 1:6 at the age of 18-months (as long as space in the class permits), and stay at that ratio until they are 3 years of age. This allows for children to stay in a smaller ratio a little bit longer in order for them to get even more one-on-one time with their teachers!


That said, our toddler classrooms do follow the same curriculum and similar daily schedules as our preschool classrooms. We work with our toddlers to develop a strong foundation of knowledge and wonder for them to continue building on throughout their years in preschool.

Here at Little Discoveries Preschool, our trained infant & toddler teachers are provided with resources to create a safe and warm environment for your baby. Our teachers stimulate your baby’s development with curriculum tailored to fit your child’s unique individual needs with activities including but not limited to; singing songs, reading books, manipulative activities and artwork. Each day your child will have the opportunity to practice and enrich their motor development, social and emotional skills, cognitive development, and language development. It is the safe and nurturing environment matched with carefully planned curriculum that will allow your baby to bond with their teachers and blossom to their full potential!

Little Discoveries Preschool

Infant & Toddler Programs

The following locations offer our Infant & Toddler Programs!

Two amazing locations to serve you!

Creative Lane Location

Infant Program 0 to 2yrs - 1:4 Ratio (Classroom of 9)

Toddler Program 18months to 36months - 1:6 Ratio (Classroom of 18)

East Ave. Location

Infant Program 0 to 2yrs - 1:4 Ratio (Classroom of 16)

Toddler Program 18months to 36months - 1:6 Ratio (Classroom of 18)